Ice Bauble and Equivilancy

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Re: Ice Bauble and Equivilancy

John Mason wrote:

Wow, must be a slow news day. 3 threads about equivalency are now bantering about.

The interesting thing is, this debate often ends up putting people on two extremes of the debate. Am I the only one that actually sees little conflict between the two sides?

On the one side, an f stop is an f stop is an f stop and on the other more photons or total light makes for less noise.

If this is the way you see the debate, John, there is only one group of people expressing extreme views. AFAIK, nobody who accepts the idea that more photons or total light make less noise, has ever rejected the idea that an f-stop is an f-stop.  In fact, it's built into the total-light calculations, so they simply don't see any conflict between the two positions. OTOH, there is a group who insist that f/2.8 is f/2.8 but reject the idea that more total light makes for less noise.  The way you have posed the question, this latter group turns out to be the only extremists. So I guess that means that there are lots of people in the middle, and no, your position isn't particularly unique.

Neat bauble.


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