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Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

Started Jan 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X
In reply to wyldberi, Jan 24, 2014

wyldberi wrote:

gbert15 wrote:

Recently, after seeing the rumored specs of the X-T1, I suddenly considered switching systems! The thing that was holding me back for the past few systems were the no tilt screen which helps me a lot in car photography and concerts, the slightly inferior evf(not really sure how good it is but it seems like the review points that the nex system had a better one), slow/inacurate af(again mostly from reviews but sony has the same thing but it seemed like fuji was worse in that department in the reviews compared to sony)!

I love how the rumored specs of the X-T1 seems to have addressed some of my concerns and it seems appropriate for me to jump ship already being that fuji trumps sony in the lens department hands down! Still unsure of the af of the X-T1 so I am still waiting for more leaks or its official release! Also, I wish fuji had the same flash as Sony where it was able to tilt sideways for portrait shots(is there a flash like that for fuji?)! Those are the only things holding me back plus the hassle of selling all my sony gear to migrate to fuji!

Are there any member that came from sony or even have a sony system as part of their gear? If so I would appreciate the input if its truly worth switching mounts! Thanks in advance and would appreciate the input!

I still have a Sony from a long time back that I haven't used in years; so that's of no help.

I can report that Fuji has improved its auto focus algorithms and provided the necessary firmware updates to overcome that issue. The auto focus on the older cameras is a whole new ballgame. The sensor/image processor being used in the X-T1 has a newer, hybrid auto focus system that is even faster and more accurate. Look up current reviews for the X100s and the X-E2 that address the issue of auto focus for these two camera models; these use the same sensor that's going into the X-T1.

Fuji uses a standard flash hot shoe that can use of a large variety of different flash units.

Given Fuji's dedication to image quality, the lenses make all the previous shortcomings worthwhile to endure. Unless you need to print large images measured in feet, not inches, the entire full frame advantage gets smaller and smaller with each new camera model and each new firmware update.

Yea, I was never in the full frame bandwagon with sony! Yes it is a great feat but I mostly use my images on theninternet only and have them converted to 800x600 all the time for forum use! For example:

lately though I liked using faster lenses and seemed that sony wont be able to do that! Seems that their focus was more on new bodies than new lenses! Also, if I wanted to go FF! I would have to abandon my nex lenses since they dont cover ff anyway so basically its the same thing!

I would love to see what the nex 7 replacement will be like bit with thw lackluster lens options it doesnt seem to be worth it!

good to hear that firmware has constantly improved af along with other issues!

So could u point me to some flashes that can tilt sideways? That would make me more invested and sure about the x-t1!

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