What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Why do you care what DPR thinks anyway?

SQLGuy wrote:

Yes, but we're seeing a definite recurring story in A7/R reviews: people that have never used focus peaking that don't realize it's a feature that takes time, thought, and practice to use correctly.

Hopefully you've seen their disclaimer: "Conclusion / Recommendation / Ratings are based on the opinion of the reviewer, you should read the ENTIRE review before coming to your own conclusions."

One of the questions you always have to ask is "who is the review written for?" DPR has a wide audience with a wide variety of skill and patience levels. After all, people learned how to take great sports photos with Speed Graphics. Does that mean a popular review of a Speed Graphic should not mention the issues with sports photography?

What's the worst case?  Some who might learn and enjoy using focus peaking but are incapable of reading the review intelligently will not buy an A7.  What's the best case?  Some who would not have the patience to learn how to use it will not buy and return and badmouth an A7 because focus peaking was not all it's most fervent advocates claim for it.   Are there more of the former than the latter?  Does it really matter?

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