Techart lens adapter for Canon EF-EFs to NEX?

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Tom Caldwell
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Electronic adapters EF to NEX
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Clem Nichols wrote:

Anyone using the above? If so are you satisfied with your purchase? I've searched this forum to no avail.

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I have been using the RJ glassless electronic adapter for Canon EF to NEX adapter for some time.  This seems to be one of a number of Chinese designs where certain components are common, perhaps including firmware, and several are sold under different brand names.  From external visual clues there seem to be only about three basic external design and may be even less if non-visible design issues are considered.  This is an electronic AF adapter  designed for aps-c.

RJ has recently produced another glassless adapter with a FF acceptable light mask.  It is much the same construction as their aps-c version but the baffle is marked "Techart" which seems to confirm my guess that the Chinese sources share some parts in common.  The cost of injection moulding would be an important shared cost to keep costs lower even if the rest of the various adapter were in fact designed and made in different shops.  I simply do not know the correct answer.

However the RJ glassless adapter will focus more (almost all) Canon EF lenses than my Metabones Speed Booster.  The Speed Booster literature states quite clearly that it will not auto-focus any Canon EF lens made prior to about 2006.  It does have two different operating systems on board - the regular one and also one that allows centre screen magnification on turning the focus ring. The RJ adapters do not do this - they only have the one regular operating system.  All the adapters talk comprehensively to the EF lens on board and can control aperture from the camera visually.  IS is also universally supported.  The Lens EXIF data is also captured.  All adapters (that I know) allow the Canon EF 85/1.2 lens to focus fly by wire normally.  The RJ adapters will allow it to AF even in its MkI version.

A recent quick test of the Metabones Smart Adapter III showed that it seemed to AF on a greater range of lenses that the older Speed Booster and Smart Adapter editions.  But just where the limitations may or may not still exist I was unable to determine form my short association.

A head to head AF speed "impression" with the Metabones and  RJ showed both slowish but mostly satisfactory. If I were to be an arbiter of precision I would say that the RJ adpater was slightly more precise but it would be a close call.

I have noticed that where a Canon EF lens prvides a focus range limiting switch the RJ adapter does not function in this limited range whereas the Metabones adapters do recognise the limited range set.  The RJ adapters will still focus comprehensively on these lenses if the range limiting switch is set to "full".

Satisfied? Yes.  But I am not dis-satisfied with the Metabones product either.

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Tom Caldwell

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