Camera with a BIG problem

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Newks46 New Member • Posts: 1
Camera with a BIG problem

I bought this camera because of glowing reviews in a number of respected magazines.  I can only think Canon is paying for these reviews.

The basic problem, now very well documented by many users, is the battery.  It is not just that the battery has a short life.  There is something wrong with the software because the camera thinks that the battery needs charging--even when you have just charged it.  As a result, the camera shuts down.  You put a new charged battery in and it happens again.  Whether you are shooting photos or taking videos the problem is the same.  You will lose many priceless moments as you fiddle around changing batteries etc and finding yourself snookered time and again. Basically, this camera is unusable.  Canon should take it off the market and just admit to a terrible error.

But no.  Canon palms you off with some firmware that says it will cure the problem.  However, it does NOT cure the problem.  The problem persists.

I bought this camera for my wife.  She did not open the box for almost four months when she was going on holiday.  When she tried to use it the problems mentioned above occurred and kept on occurring.  Did I ever get an earful when she returned.  And the photos that she did manage to take were certainly not of the quality that the professional reviews touted.  In low light situations, with the flash on, they are washed out and somewhat blurred.  I can get better photos on a 10 year-old Lumix which still takes fantastic photos.

I have owned many cameras in my time--Olympus, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic--but this is the all-time worst camera that I have ever encountered.  DON'T BUY IT.  Read all the complaints on Amazon and other camera websites.  Canon has refused to stand by this product and it is a great shame that professional magazines and reviewers are still pushing it.  They all mention the battery problem but don't tell you that the camera becomes virtually unusable.

Unfortunately for me, by the time my wife opened the box and then been away with it for over 2 months, it could not be returned to Amazon.  Reading many comments in various fora, I get the strong impression that Canon refuses to do anything to help dissatisfied customers even though they know there is a huge problem.

Right after this, I am going to call Canon Customer service.  I will report back on my experience.

I give this camera a ZERO rating. However, this website won't let you give a ZERO rating.  So, please ignore the 0.5 star below.

In conclusion, this camera should be removed from the market. If this is life as Canon sees it, heaven help us all.

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