DXO Prime Noise reduction sample 6400 ISO

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Re: DXO Prime Noise reduction sample 6400 ISO
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tom60634 wrote:

Basalite wrote:

MichaelVadon wrote:

Here is the JPEG image, but I think what you really need is the RAW file.

A *highest quality* jpg should do fine for testing noise reduction software.

Can I post the RAW file here?

I don't think anything but standard image files are supported. The jpg should be fine if it's of the highest quality.

MichaelVadon wrote:

As Basalite said, why don't you post a good quality jpeg of the unprocessed file so that we can try the alternatives on it?

For testing the effectiveness to the DxO Pro 9 PRIME NR reduction function a raw file is necessary. The PRIME NR reduction function is only available for raw files. Raw files can be accessed on this forum through programs like Dropbox.

Other noise reduction apps do not require a RAW. The request for a highest quality jpg were for such apps. The DxO version has already been done by the OP.

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