best printers for 10x14 prints?

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canonagain123 wrote:

Again, thank you for taking the time to enlighten me this time around. See, I thought the ICC profile would just go in some text file like IMG_232532.icc or something. I really had no idea. Now I know. Thank you for the offer I might not take you up on it, but it's good to know you're willing to explain more if needed.

ICC / IMC profiles use Look Up Tables ( LUT ) which contain the information that tells the printer how to correctly print color values. You see, a printer does not really know how to mix what color with what color to correctly print a shade of blue or green.

During their production the profile makers send a set of charts containing many hundreds of color patches of SPECIFIC values, and densities. These charts are sent to the printer with the printer driver's own built in color management TURNED OFF. The printer does it's best to reproduce the several thousand color patches as best it can. Unfortunately they never are properly reproduced.

By the way, you do this on the paper you want to profile. Each different papers must be individually profiled as they all have slightly different properties.

After fully drying these color patches are scanner with a spectrophotometer and the exact values for each and every patch is recorded within the Spectro's software you've loaded on your computer.

Once all the patches are read by the Spectro, the software will analyze each and every patch against what IT KNOWS it should be.

It now creates a new Look Up Table which will have the correctional instructions so the printer can correctly print those colors it could not previously faithfully print.

So as you may be able to tell, you really do need to print using these profiles if you expect a faithful representation of what you are seeing on your monitor. Assuming the monitor is correctly calibrated to begin with.

I know it sounds daunting but once you are set up and have a good idea on how this all is interrelated, you can pretty much print without too much thinking.


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