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best printers for 10x14 prints?

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Re: oh snapshot, technology...
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canonagain123 wrote:

I never said I would print only from usbs, and I thought the color profile can be embedded on the usb.

I didn't KNOW there is a DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY when printing from a usb stick. How should I? Companies make their own prints, I'm buying a printer because I could use the added ability to make prints.

OK first of all you would not embed a printing profile with your file.
You can not print FROM a USB directly to the print and expect to be able to color manage the print.

This can only be done through software that allows you to use ICC profiles.

Files can have embedded color spaced. aRGB / sRGB/ Adobe RGB / PRO Photo RGB and such.

A cheap printer can barely reproduce the sRGB color space.

I do print from a USB or SD card directly from the camera to my EPSON Artisan 720 at parties. Letting the printer enhance or correct the unedited jpg from my usb of card and it will print some pretty nice pics.

However is you really fine work you can not work that way.

If printing fine images is not what you are after then yes.

If you plan on printing great images then you need a high end printer.

You need to calibrate the monitor used in editing with a Hardware calibrator.

You need to use software that will allow you to print through ICC profiles. Some are Photo Shop, Lightroom, Qimage.

Then you must turn off ALL color management from within your printer driver. That option may be

be more obvious like on EPSONs of pretty hidden as in CANONs. WHY? Because you would end up with both the driver and the editing app trying to tell the printer how to mab every color value your file contains, resulting in a bad off color print.

This work flow will insure that what you see on the monitor will closely match what your printer outputs. It will never be identical. It is impossible to do so.

None of the Home use printers will print on solid sheets of aluminum. Coated or otherwise.

Only printers with a straight paper path through the front or back may possibly allow you to do so.


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