best printers for 10x14 prints?

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Re: best printers for 11x14 prints?
In reply to canonagain123, Jan 5, 2014

canonagain123 wrote:

Actually, I would only like recommendations for printers that can do prints up to at least 11x14.

I keep reading bad reviews on the Canon printers too... Everything from expensive ink and nozzle problems to color reproduction not being faithful unless you use the provided Canon software (people complaining that despite calibrated ICC profiles printing from Adobe software produced wrong colors, but Canon software produced right colors? I found that strange.)

And (see 2 star reviews, then one)

What is this about having to install Canon software for the printer to work? I don't want a printer that can't print or can't print correctly unless I use the provided software.

Then there are threads like this:

It seems impossible to find a printer, regardless of price or brand, that doesn't have almost as many negative reviews as positive ones.

These %^%$$% people have not a clue what the are talking about or doing for that matter.

The majority of them should not be allowed within a mile form a fine printer.

Take the CANON PRO-100 for instance. Absolute brilliant printer. Nothing can touch it in its class for overall build quality and output.

I and many of us here in this forum are producing gallery quality prints from that and other printer.

Bottom line, any time you about colors being off with this software and fine with another I will bet my whole printing army that it is due to user error.

It's the same mentality that makes a person think that if they buy a 5k Nikon or Canon camera they will all of a sudden begin to produce master pieces. Need I say more? The same applies to printers.

You need to learn the art. And by the way printing from a USB stick is not what most of us here consider proper work flow. Unless all you want are snapshots.


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