Sony a7 and Panasonic GX7: Two Cameras sitting on my desk. Must return one.

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Re: Sony a7 and Panasonic GX7: Two Cameras sitting on my desk. Must return one.

SMD79 wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

I feel for you,

I have both of them on my desk and they are both staying put!

They compliment each other very is a GREAT camera with a good sensor, the other a good camera with a GREAT sensor.....I like each more and more each day flaws and all.

Plus they can both take the same manual focus legacy lenses for a different look....

It doesn't help but I could not decide.......

Can't you just sell the Sony and get others cheap until you have paid for one with the differences?

ANY cheap 2.8 or faster, 50mm (actually probably 55mm) or longer should be great as a portrait lens... will give you shallow dof compared to the m4/3....many are cheap enough (or free from family or friends cupboards) to try with little loss if no good.

Yeah, trust me, I've thought about just buying and selling a few cameras and making all the money I'd need to get whatever I want...but it's my brother that works for Sony and I don't want to get him in trouble. Not that they'd care or even notice unless I was really buying a lot. But the extra $400-500 that I'll make will make my wife happy.

Regarding the NEX6, that was my first choice until the a7 came along, then I never looked back. Besides I think the GX7 has even faster AF and fast and longer lenses are more prevalent in the M43 family.

Like I said, today I got a chance for the first time really to play with the a7 in daylight and really mess around with it and I liked it a lot. It fits my hands better than the GX7. But my wife likes the GX7 because it's a bit smaller. Maybe I'll go GX7 and then hope later this year another M43 camera comes along that I can swap it out for. Perhaps a GX7 with better stabilization (closer to Olympus levels), a mic input, and weather sealing, and hopefully a square viewfinder (although I'm still holding out hope that the little GX7 eyecup that I just ordered from B&H will solve my issue with it. Maybe then I could buy another Sony camera, sell it and use that to make up the difference.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll run over to a camera store and try out the 55 1.8 FE lens first just to see what I'm missing. I can't really afford that right now (and for some reason my brother's discount doesn't apply to the new FE lenses). We'll see.

As of 11:28pm PST, I'm now 60% certain I'm keeping the GX7.

I came from Olympus family, which is similar to Panasonic gears. M43 is already a very mature system, such as GX7 or EM1, but eventually stuck with the small heart size.

The answer is simple. If you would invest more lens in a long term future, A7 or Canon/Nikon FF camera is the way. With M43, no matter what premium lens, you will always peek full-frame sensor in your heart, but not vice versa.

In reality, if I were you, I would buy two (or as many as you can) A7, keep one for myself, and sell the rest

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