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Who doesn't shoot RAW?
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I can't remember when I last shot a jpg, I shoot everything in RAW But unless you keep your camera always within the "safe limits", you will encounter an image with synch a high dynamic range or such low light, that it will inevitably leave you with a choice of having noise in your images, or having unusable images left flat, mushy and liveless by excess NR. In those images, you can see the quality of the noise. Some people don't correct the noise in their images on purpose, it can have the same aesthetic function as film grain. Noise can add to an image, it doesn't always substract from it. Then of course there is the whole controversial "faking detail/sharpness with noise"...

Anyway. I pay attention to the quality of noise just like any other factors that make up an image, and I find the noise/grain and general rendering of Canon pleasant. That's all I meant. The noise is also preasant in some images on flickr that have clearly been processed to look their best, so it's not limited to jpgs. Like I said, some people leave it in on purpose. It's a stylistic choice.

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