D7100 crop - what is it?

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JimPearce wrote:

For equivalent photos you always take them from the same position. So 300mm X 1.25 crop = 375mm on a DX camera shot "fullframe".

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I was asking what the numbers would look like if taking "equal" photos vs "equivalent" photos. Equivalence is certainly relevant when comparing different formats.

Equivalence as Cropping:

For DX 1.3x Crop mode sensor and a APS-C sensor photo

"..a photo of a scene from the same position with the same focal point and the same settings (e.g. 25mm f/1.4 1/200 ISO 400) with all cameras..."

"..the photos cropped to the same framing as the photo from the DX 1.3x Crop mode sensor..."

"...and the photos are displayed at the same size..."

...then the resulting photos will be Equivalent.

I'm thinking the scenario asked about was not an "equivalent" one but an "equal" one...but regardless, wondering how the numbers would come out in the "equal case"

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