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My New 1DX Has Black Spots.

Started Sep 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
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In reply to Donkbet, Dec 23, 2013

Donkbet wrote:

I know this has been an inactive thread for a little while... I just bought a 1DX recently and I'm having some of these oil problems too it seems. The sixth digit is a 9 on mine. It has no markings. Came with 1.2.4 installed. I checked the sensor almost right away when I bought it and it was essentially perfect; couple little dust specs but that's all. There were 3 very light specs in my viewfinder (1 top left, 1 bottom left, 1 top right.) After around 500 shots or so my sensor was becoming quite dirty!! I hadn't changed the lens a single time either. I decided to give it a wet clean. Took 5 pads and was able to get it almost spotless. I was also able to remove the top left and bottom left viewfinder specs by gently using a rocket blower. However, the top right wouldn't budge. Anyways, I've taken around another 500 shots and my sensor is already showing quite a bit of oil. But what really ticks me off is the fact that I just checked my viewfinder again and now there's 3 specs in the top right corner! Seems like mine, with a 9 in the serial, has the oil problem. What a PITA.

My sixth digit was "0"  I had the viewfinder speck issue, but no real issues with any spots on the sensor. I sent mine in for service, and I did accumulate a few more viewfinder specks, but the issue appears to have plateaued, i.e. it hasn't gotten worse with repeated use.

Haven't seen anything affect the sensor.

So maybe send it to Canon for service (should be covered under warranty, including shipping) or perhaps exchange for another camera?

But overall, I love mine 1DX and the (minor) troubles were well worth it.

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