Re: IQ only. Stylus 1 or XZ-1?

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Steven Wandy
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Re: IQ only. Stylus 1 or XZ-1?

Aaron Sur wrote:

I would agree with one reservation, The lens is a different design and when starts stretching focal lengths compromises are often made. One only has to look at a $3000 lens like the Canon 28-300L and one can see where engineers and designers are pushing the envelope.

The lens on the XZ-1 is special amongst compacts whether the lens on the the Stylus 1 has the same characteristics still has to be tested and proven. Initial results are very promising.

Aaron - I agree about the lens on the XZ-1/2, very special as far as P&S cameras go. My comments to the OP I still stand by, for "overall IQ" I feel that the Stylus 1 is better. Do I feel that at the long end the lens on the Stylus 1 performs better when stopped down a bit - sure - but that goes for just about any zoom lens. And while I agree that "in general" a 10x zoom should not have the same IQ as a roughly 4x, as was posted, improvements in lens design and manufacturing are showing that old adage wrong every day. (When I started with film ALL zoom sucked compared to primes. Look what we have today.)

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