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I've done my own flip flopping on the D800 and the rest of the Nikon line-up, but overall I believe that Nikon has the best lineup of FX models on the planet.

The idea that there needs to be a D700 replacement is SILLY in the extreme.

Though I loved my D700, the reality is that my D800 bests in in almost EVERY WAY as does EVERY OTHER CURRENT FX DSLR from Nikon. I mean, what exactly are the complainers talking about? The D800 delivers better IQ period. And if you want to shoot action you can put it in DX mode and do 6 FPS and STILL have better resolution and IQ than a D700!

So let's be honest, 100% honest!

What many are lamenting is the loss of a product line that gave 95% of flagship performance for half the price. That was the D700. For 3K you ALMOST had a D3 in your hands. Felt good, right? Some of you strutted around and felt like kings. Of course you'll spit and cry than you REALLY needed 8FP, but most didn't. In fact, a long time ago, MANY of you proclaimed how timing a shot was the way to shoot and holding down a button was rarely done.

So now, with 2 or 3 less FPS and the best IQ on the planet these are crippled cameras?

The reality is that Nikon did a one-off years back with the D700. They had two FX cameras and the 2nd one chopped the head off the 1st. They WON'T do that again, kids. Get over it. Be adults.

Nikon now wants to get PAID for each tier of performance.

Want the best resolution? Buy a D800. Want the best high ISO in a small body? Buy a Df. Want the best high ISO and FPS? Buy a D4. Want a FX entry point for a lot less money? Buy a D610.

That's it. Nikon has NO INTEREST in supplying you with a one-time-purchase DSLR solution. If you think the Canon 5DIII is a superior solution (and it will be for some who don't need 36 MP and the wonderful DR), buy one.

It's AMAZING that you can go out and buy a D610 for 2K and, assuming you have talent, take world class photos. In the right hands the D610 can shoot a studio portrait, fashion, macro, sports and landscape at a professional level.

It's AMAZING that for under 3K you can own the VERY best IQ on the planet in a D800/D800e, a medium format camera in your hands that can still shoot ACTION at 5-6 FPS in crop modes.

It's AMAZING that for 6K you can have the fastest FPS and best high ISO range with a D4.

It's AMAZING that for less than HALF of the price of a D4 you can now have even better high ISO ability in the smallest lightest FX camera to date.

The D700 was a great camera. But the cameras above are ALL better overall. And while a few isolated shooters could truly use 8 or 10 FPS at 25 MP, NO SUCH CAMERA EXISTS YET. The Canon 1dx comes closest at 18 MP & 11 FPS and you expect either of them to put that in a 3K body tomorrow? KEEP DREAMING!

And that's the truth about the D700, the phonies who claim they "need" a new version and the superior current crop of Nikon DSLRs. All MOSTLY hogwash from gearheads and spec hunters who need bragging rights and rarely post a shot to the DPreview gallery.



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