Ricoh GR - What are the sensor size equivalents of 35mm and 47mm crops?

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Re: Ricoh GR - What are the sensor size equivalents of 35mm and 47mm crops?
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photo perzon wrote:

Frensoa wrote:

If I understand how these crops work, they result in using only the central part of your GR sensor. The 28mm equivalent uses the full APS-C sensor, whereas the crops use smaller parts.

My question is : do we know the size of the sensor used for both these crops?

Is the 35mm crop more or less the equivalent of an m4/3 sensor? Is the 47mm crop the equivalent of the 1 inch sensor of the Sone RX100?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

So is there no difference besides the resolution? You saying 47mm from a GR 28mm lens is the same as a Nikon 50mm 2.8?

The angles, the perspective, etc.

I don't think that he's saying that at all, I think that (as he stated) he was interested in comparing the size of the sensors and the size of the portions of the sensors that are used for cropped shooting. As for perspective, that has nothing to do with the sensor or the focal length, really. The perspective is determined by where the camera is located. Changing the focal length or the sensor size changes the field of view, not the perspective.

For the 47mm crop mode (speaking of 35mm equivalent focal lengths), that would be close to the Nikon 50mm f/2.8 only if it's used on one of Nikon's FX DSLRs. If it's used on a DX (APS-C) DSLR then the equivalent focal length wouldn't be 50mm, it would be about 76mm (not 75mm because Nikon's DX crop factor is closer to 1.52x than to 1.5x).

The GR's 47mm crop would also have poorer high ISO noise because the cropped portion of the sensor is much smaller than either a DX or FX sensor, and sensor size plays an important role in determining high ISO noise performance.

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