Confusion on "L" or "M" Size on Fuji EXR Cameras. . . VOTE !

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Confusion on "L" or "M" Size on Fuji EXR Cameras. . . VOTE !
4 months ago

Selecting "L" Size or "M" Size does NOT Guarantee What EXR Sensor Mode is Being Used by the Camera. . . This is a FACT !

If You Use "L" or "M" Alone to Determine Your Camera's EXR Mode - You are Deluding Yourself !
For Example you can be in HR Resolution Priority mode & Select an "M" Jpeg Image Size / Your RAW File WILL BE 24Mb with 16-Mp Output

I will give Specific Examples for the Fuji HS50EXR Camera as I own one & can Verify EVERYTHING I'm About to Say. . .

Fuji's EXR Sensor Technology has (3) Separate Methods of Operation. . .
( 3-Different Hardware Level / Pixel Processing Configurations ). . .

The Following Fuji Webpage Link shows the Best Breakdown of EXR Sensor Technology I could find /
If you want to Live as a Mushroom with a Camera then DON'T Look at the Above Information

To Get the MOST Out of Shooting Your EXR Sensor Camera then these (3) Different EXR Modes should be Understood as they Can Have a Profound Effect on Your Captured Photos. . .

Description from Fuji. . .
"The uniqueness of an EXR sensor is its ability to adapt its settings to the demands of the shot. With three modes to choose from, it is unlike any other sensor on the market and is only available on Fujifilm cameras. . . With three modes to choose from: HR, SN and DR.

HR: High Resolution mode is perfect for well lit conditions and uses all 16 megapixels.
* EXR --> HR Mode supports "L" : "M" & "S" file sizes / RAW File Size = 24Mb/16Mp Output

SN: High Sensitivity and Low Noise mode is designed for use at night or in dark conditions and it halves the number of pixels to create 8 mega super pixels which are extra sensitive to light.
* EXR --> SN Mode supports "M" & "S" files sizes / RAW File Size = 12Mb/8Mp Output
MAX ISO=3200

DR: Dynamic Range mode is suited to high-contrast conditions where you have both bright sunlight and dark shadows present. It works by combining one high-exposure and one low-exposure shot to create an 8 megapixel image with detail in both the highlights and in the shadows."
* EXR --> DR Mode supports "M" & "S" file sized / RAW File Size = 12Mb or 24Mb/8-Mp Output
MAX ISO=3200

The ONLY Method that I Know to Select & Lock the Camera to Specific EXR Sensor Operation is to. . .
1. Rotate Dial to EXR
2. Select HR : SN or DR from the EXR Mode menu. . .

NOW You are Locked into YOUR SELECTED EXR Mode !

Fuji' Engineering of their Programmed & Custom Modes is Lame as EXR Mode is NOT User Selectable
( Only Options on Dynamic Range - This Implies that the EXR SN Mode is ONLY Available as Selectable Above using Steps 1 & 2 / This is POOR Engineering by Fuji but Still Appears to be the Fact

Because of this POOR Implementation & Lack of Integration with Other Programmed Modes the. . .
EXR SN ( High ISO & Low Noise ) mode gets little fanfare. . . Which is Sad because imho it is the "BEST" Over-All EXR Sensor Mode. . .
( The EXR SN Mode is Often CONFUSED with the EXR DR Mode which is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL / Although they BOTH have a 8-Mp Output Maximum )

Two Technical Aspects that SHOULD Get Your Attention. . .
A. EXR : HS ( Resolution Priority ) mode has NO Dynamic Range Adjustment ( It's a FIXED DR Mode )
B. EXR : SN ( High ISO & Low Noise ) mode has NO Dynamic Range Adjustment ( Also FIXED DR )

C. The ONLY EXR Mode that has Adjustable Dynamic Range is the EXR : DR sensor mode !
( Because this Increase is Created from Combining TWO 8-Mp Different Exposures off the 16-Mp Sensor the Pixels Sites don't appear to be Binned ( Combined Together for Lower Noise & greater sensitivity / as is the case for the EXR : SN mode which Does Have Twinned-Pixel LARGER Pixels that are MORE Sensitive to LIGHT )

The Main Point is These (2) Different EXR 8-Mp Sensor Modes are DIFFERENT ! Not the SAME !

Time for some FRESH SOOC Fuji Jpegs from RAW Files ( These are the Embedded File / NO PP )
ALL Were Shot Within Seconds of Each Other with ALL the SAME Setting EXCEPT for EXR Modes. . .

# 1

# 2

# 3

Can YOU Guess Which One Was Shot with What EXR Mode ? Which of the 3-DIFFERENT EXR Modes?


ALL are the SAME File Size ( From RAW File Embedded Jpegs, NO Post Processing 100% SOOC )

ALL Were Shot in Macro Mode @ 25mm ( 135mm Equiv ) ISO-320 : F4.5 : 1/160sec : 0EV

PLEASE VOTE for 1 2 or 3 I Will Keep Tabs on this Posting and Honesty Let You Know the Results !

Much Thanks & Cheers from Orion

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