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Re: Problem returning 29 cameras to B&H Photo
In reply to YD, Dec 7, 2013

YD wrote:

I had the misfortune today to returning a shipment of 29 Nikon D800 cameras at B&H Photo and having them tell me that I should have purchased one to evaluate it first!! I told that I wanted to try the 30 and pick the best one and returning the remaining 29 is a normal practice at every other camera store except there store apparently. I routinly buy 30 items at Best Buy and return the 29 I don't want. But these guys act like I'm abusing a privalege!

My friend recently purchased a camera, returned it, purchased another, returned it, purchased another, returned it and then purchased another. But for some reason I'm being singled out by them. Then people call him a troll for sharing his experience. I expect B&H being professionals, not tell me some things I don't want to here!

I had a similar experience yesterday... I tried to return my FM2 as I decided it didn't suit my purposes anymore. I figured that it cost me about $600 when I originally bought it so figured owing to about 15 year's inflation I should walk out with a cool 2-3k.....

Well I rang them; "no such number"..... Oh well; must have changed.... Couldn't find them in the white pages; still nothing. Figured I'd fly to where I'd bought it from as the return flights were only $1000 so I'd still be $1400 in credit.

Got to the address and would you believe it; a damn McDonalds is now there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained; so I went to see what Ronald could do for me. Well to cut a long story short the miserable sods didn't even give me a free cheeseburger. So I bought a Happy Meal and would you believe it? To add insult to injury the free toy was a plastic camera.

Shoddy business practice these days..... Be warned everyone; don't buy anything at all and be saved the heartache of loss.....

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