Problem returning 29 cameras to B&H Photo Locked

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yvind Strm
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Re: Problem returning 29 cameras to B&H Photo
In reply to hewhosculpts, Dec 7, 2013

hewhosculpts wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

hewhosculpts wrote:

I totally agree with B&H, that is abusing the system because if everybody did it B&H would be out of business in a matter of days.

Really?? You honestly don't get that he is taking the Mickey? You really don't get that??

You are assuming he isn't a totally self-absorbed nut... you can always hope for it, but never assume the best of people...

Note, I just had a look at their return policy and it looks fine to me... so either way, this guy is wrong (at least to some extent if he's simply protesting the B&H policy.) If he was trying to spoof the people that complain about B&H he missed by a mile because all he did was muddy the water. By the way, he's free to express his opinion here all day long as long as we get to express ours in return...

This guy is just making fun with you. He¨s mocking someone from another thread. Try to read the thread - you are not the only one being fooled…..

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