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Problem returning 29 cameras to B&H Photo Locked

Started Dec 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Jay... and there are only two ways to do this
In reply to Marty4650, Dec 7, 2013

Marty4650 wrote:

To their credit, B&H has chosen the first method. They do it the hard way, by identifying their problem customers, then putting a return restriction on them. And even then, they rarely and reluctantly use it.

Then, whenever one of these "buy and try" guys gets a warning from B&H, they come here whining about it , and expect everyone to agree with them. 100% of the time, the honest customers don't, and applaud B&H for doing whatever is needed to keep prices lower for the rest of us.

It's always enlightening, too, to see who pops out of the woodwork with one of these counterpoints:

1. "They say it's OK so why shouldn't we be able to do it all we want?"

2. "Businesses are all loaded with cash and it's within our rights to abuse them and waste their money." Even B&H was apparently referred to as a 'billion dollar corporation' or some such nonsense in the original thread.

3.  "I won't buy from anyone who expects me to act like an intelligent adult. I will take my business to Amazon (or whatever) where they will let me behave like a selfish spoiled child."

I'm not opposed to consumers being able to return things, but there has to be an element of good faith involved in the purchase - not just 'Well, I'll try this out and see what I think...'. There is a cost to all this chain-yanking.

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