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Took me a second to get this joke
In reply to YD, Dec 7, 2013

YD wrote:

I had the misfortune today to returning a shipment of 29 Nikon D800 cameras at B&H Photo and having them tell me that I should have purchased one to evaluate it first!! I told that I wanted to try the 30 and pick the best one and returning the remaining 29 is a normal practice at every other camera store except there store apparently. I routinly buy 30 items at Best Buy and return the 29 I don't want. But these guys act like I'm abusing a privalege!

My friend recently purchased a camera, returned it, purchased another, returned it, purchased another, returned it and then purchased another. But for some reason I'm being singled out by them. Then people call him a troll for sharing his experience. I expect B&H being professionals, not tell me some things I don't want to here!

What does that say? This is extreme but close enough to possible that many people don't get that it's parody right away.  There do seem to be the small group who abuse the generosity of certain retailers and then brag about it here.  It's certainly within their rights to abuse the policies, but its equally within the rights of those who like the policy and don't want to see it ruined to shame the abusers.  That's how a community should work.

It's also totally within the stores rights to either refuse someone sales if they abuse a given policy or simply terminate policies that have been abused. As someone who tries not to abuse the generosity of retailers, I think the former is the better course of action.  Those who don't can feel free to patronize the stores that would rather punish everyone.

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