Details in dark areas with Ilford Gold Cotton Smooth: howto?

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Re: If you want to try a linearized print
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Hi Mirko,

sorry for the late reply!

NeroMetalliko wrote:

However, from a theoretical point of view, ABW is a "printer manages color mode", if you set printer manages color in PS the ICC drop down menu will be grayed out, in order to avoid a "double" management" action (potentially wrong), and preventing you to use an ABW-profile, at least in a "common use" way. This is the reason why I have told you that there is not possibility to use an ICC profile in ABW.

Yes, clear. I haven't noticed it in the first place because under Linux the driver allows you to do whatever you would like even in AWB mode (Well, there is a reason for this: very few Linux applications (e.g., cinepaint), can handle printing profiles. All the others (e.g., GIMP), although color managed, cannot. I use a command line tool named tifficc to apply them before printing.)

If you look inside the Eric profiles you see that these are not full RGB gamut profiles as the ones you use normally, in fact they are a gray axis compensation curve.

Yes, this is exactly what I meant with grayscale profiles

As I have told you, Ilford (and any other paper manufacturer) it is very unlikely will never provide support for a not officially supported workflow (as a double management is) for evident reasons. If you want you can do it, but you have to do it yourself, as Eric has done in the past.

Yes, you are fully right about this!

In fact his method is not different to a PS custom acv curve applied to the image before printing it, or to the use of a QTR linearized RGB icc on the image before printing it, or to the use of a custom compensation curve embedded in a DeviceLink profile applied to the image before printing it (as I do). The main difference is that using the double management you see no modification on the on screen picture and the approach is more "color management" conform (because applying a compensation curve to an image, modifying it on screen before printing, is, as concept, against the whole idea behind the correct color management habit).

Yes, correct. Actually the procedure that I am following - i.e., applying the color profile by using tifficc - is really about converting the image in the output colorspace. That is, at the end, generating a new image with the colors modified according to the profile.

In any case, if you are no lucky enough to get something already done and working for your specific paper/printer combination, you need a measurement instrument like a spectrophotometer to play with these things, and do it yourself, specially if you want to customize the whole thing exactly over your printer.

Yes, right! This is something I will keep for the future. For the moment being, I am already pretty happy of the results that I am getting with just a few minor tweaks.



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