What made America obese ?

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Re: The hula hoop craze
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kixigvaq wrote:

Interesting LaRentier would bring up the hula hoop craze. Unless you were there it's hard to imagine the impact such a simple artifact could have on a country. That's the sort of craze we need again, although we do have some lesser crazes which are doing us similar good. Zumba has swept across the country and filled high school gyms all across the country. The running craze which started around 1970 still hasn't died out. It made orthopedic surgeons rich and accelerated the development of artificial knees and hips. Triathlons are another big fad which have made a contribution, making bike shops more viable in the process. But what percentage of the population do these healthy physical activities effect? Obviously a small one. The change that needs to happen is beyond the government's ability to exert influence. People are going to have to decide on their own they want to be healthy, they want to look good, and they want to enjoy a long, physically active life. All the information is out there.

My doctor made me go to Weight Watchers, a popular weight-loss organization. There were women there who'd gone from 120 lbs to 350 lbs, and then back down again….six times! You make your weight loss target and you go on a six-month binge in celebration. 120 lbs is 54 kilos. 350 lbs is 160 kilos.

The weight problem is all related to a mindset that arises from the crazy form of "Capitalism" that is so entrenched in America.

People will not change while the power of media and business is consolidating a wrong message that has been made acceptable.

This weight phenomena occurs all over the world in countries which take on this crazy form of Capitalism. It has been subject of studies. But don't let me bore you with detail 

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