Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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This is argument is now purely historical. The genie is out of the bottle and mirror less cameras have an open source approach to lenses now, in some respect. The nex series and particularly the fuji X series owe a good portion of their success to this. Even leica has jumped on the bandwagon by offering focus peaking and an evf on the M. Turns out people actually want to manually focus.

Also, just want to add the obligatory "k01 is the best camera no one ever bought" line. Feels more solid then the rx1 and has a better ui than any of my other cameras. Takes a damn fine photo too.

Bill Robb wrote:

smafdy wrote:

As a more recent user of Pentax equipment, I have noticed the lens mount seems to be a weak point in the system. While it's true that current K series cameras can, generally, use legacy K mount lenses, 3rd party lenses, also generally, are not adaptable to the K mount (via use of an adapter — as opposed to mechanical alteration of the lens, itself). As I understand it, this has something to do with the flange to focal plane distance.

I have some really good old Nikon, Oly, and Minolta glass I'd love to be able to mount to my Pentax sensor.

Pentax should take a cue from 4/3s and make a lens mount that will accommodate the widest possible number of lenses — both native and 3rd party — possible.

Making a body for other people's lenses isn't exactly a brilliant idea. The reason camera makers make cameras is to sell lenses, which is where the profit margin is.

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