Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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Rod McD
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Re: Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now
In reply to 6x9, Nov 13, 2013

Once again the Pentax DSLR and mirror-less "debate"........  I'm going to join in with my usual refrain and say that it is not a question of "either/or" but whether to offer BOTH.  The simple fact is that Ricoh already do - the Q, K01, GR and GXR (M) are/were mirror-less.  All we're talking about here is what form the models take.  People need to stop arguing for their preferred type, and consider whether there is a market for Pentax to succeed in offering models of both genres.

  • People keep presenting the concept that multiple mounts limit a company because of the costs of the additional complexity of production. If each mount is successful in a business sense, the investment is re-couped.  Pentax has always made concurrent mounts, ie 110, 35mm K, 645, 6X7 in film and Q, K, and 645 in the digital era.  And that's just the still cameras.  Let's not overlook the fact that they also made optics with all sorts of different mounts for other appliances.  Even small Chinese machining firms use CNC production techniques to make lens adapters for almost every mount ever made.  Pentax have the capability.
  • The market for all cameras slumped in 2013.   Every Japanese manufacturer shipped less than forecast and contracted their profit forecasts.  The only growth area was FF DSLRs.  Mirror-less contracted more than DSLRs over the first half of 2013.  In the last month, it rose more than DSLRs.  Trying to forecast long term trends from short term movements is almost pointless.  The only salient statistic is that five years ago there were no mirror-less cameras, now there are millions out there.  Some of them represent a loss to DSLR sales, some of them are sales to dual owners, and some are sales to a new market that wouldn't buy a DSLR.
  • No-one is suggesting that Pentax abandon DSLRs.  However, to say that Pentax shouldn't participate in the mirror-less market because DSLR sales currently exceed mirror-less sales ignores the business opportunity in the smaller market.  The business test is not whether one market is bigger than the other, but whether the smaller market is viable.  Pentax already participate in the mirror-less market.  This is business.  If both are viable, then keep making both.
  • Another argument that keeps popping up is that they shouldn't offer another mirror-less camera because the market is already saturated with offers from the competition.  This would see them doing nothing at all - the DSLR world has been saturated for far longer.......

To turn to the OPs suggestion, I agree as far as saying that they should make a new additional mount and a full function adapter to take K mount glass.  Any new mirror-less camera should be small, light, and sealed, and have a high grade EVF and conservative ergonomics.  No more than 500gms BO.  To me, the opportunity would seem to be in FF.  Sony need some competition.


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