I want A-mount MIRRORLESS in 2014...

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I want A-mount MIRRORLESS in 2014...
10 months ago

Hello everyone,

With the recent announcements of the new cameras from Sony, I have grown more and more fatigue by Sony policy with their "freaking" emount camera. Things are quite simple, I want A mount, and I want it to be mirrorless. Here is my rationael as an A mount user, and I hope that the message will be clear:

(i) First of all, the good things. The A7/A7r cameras are quite revolutionary as they are the first mirrorless FF cameras with lens interchangeability capability and with AF. For this, Sony needs to get some applause.

(ii) Now the not so good regarding the A mount. How am I gonna be able to use my A mount lenses with those new systems? People may say use the "Sony Adapters". So I will say sure why not. First, those are not so cheap (but no Sony accessories are), second the two obvious choices are the LA-EA3 or LA-EA4 adapters. The former has no extra piece of glass, but does not support AF => First compromise. The latter has the SLT design and built-in AF motor (so AF focus works). I consider the SLT design to be a compromise, and not minor (to say the least) as (a) there is an extra piece of non moveable glass in the light path, and thus responsible for degrading IQ, and (b) high ISO performance are not on par with the state-of-the-art CaNikon cameras. So where do we (A-mount users) go from here?

(iii) Sure, we can still invest in e-mount lenses, but there are a few problems as well. First why would you do that if you have already everything in the a-mount? Furthermore, the emount lens lineup is very limited at the moment. The lenses are not cheap (800-1000 USD more or less), and they are not particularly fast: "Sony: We are not going after crazy fast aperture FE lenses. What matters is quality and lightweight design." (see SAR), which is a crazy statement if you are not afraid to shoot wide open (e.g., f/1.4)

(iv) To me, as time passed by, I am getting less and less interested in the A7/A7r as they don't provide an answer to my needs, which translates by "I want an A mount mirrorless camera with AF capability" Is this freaking difficult to make this camera? No, I don't want the a99 mainly because of the SLT design (see above), and clustered AF point. Yes I want to go mirrorless so that I can obtain state-of-the-art IQ within ISO 100-12800 with plenty of details. Is this so difficult to make this camera?

So where do we go from here? Well, as far as I am concerned, Sony needs to get things together and fast (i.e. 2014), and release a mirrorless A mount camera. If not, I am willing to leave the Sony camp (it will not bother me to do so), and there will be n-(1+m) Sony users soon (m = because I am sure I am not the only one to be frustrated by this issue).

Your thoughts are welcome, as long as they are polite.



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