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Re: DOF is too deep
In reply to marike6, Nov 12, 2013

marike6 wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

When small formats can get to equivalent speeds of large formats I think people will begin to seriously reconsider. Small sensor tech is already beginning to creep. For example RX100-II is only 1 stop down in speed from the typical APS-C sensor, despite being 2 stops down in area. If you have a format that is physically 1 stop smaller than the next step up, but has cleanness parity through tech and faster glass, I do think a lot of folks would move over. For example if Nikon 1 system came out with a 1.8 zoom or 1.2 primes (for reasonable prices) I think a lot of folks would give them a look.

I disagree though that big formats will ever go away. People still shoot MF, people will always shoot FX if for no other reason than being invested in the glass. D700, 5DII, D4 etc are all still top of the line in image quality.

Comparing DR and high ISO is one thing, but the physics of a smaller 1" sensor of the Nikon 1 and RX100 means DOF is deep. And without subject isolation, shallow DOF, blurred backgrounds with beautiful creamy bokeh, there is just no way for 1" sensor cameras to compete. Which makes it unlikely that they will replace large sensor cameras for the majority of users.

You've got to remember that the concept of 'beautiful creamy bokeh' really hasn't been around for very long.  When a few mainly Japanese enthusiasts started talking about this the rest of the world originally thought the idea a bit bizarre.  Having said that some Leica users had been banging on about a certain look with their Leitz lenses which may or may not have been the bokeh effect even though they did not describe specifically it as such.

Now I agree this effect gets harder to achieve with smaller formats but it is still possible.  Obviously not to the degree if you happen to like the rather overdone and extreme effects that do seem to impress some.

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