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Re: you think there will be F/0.6 zooms in 15 years
In reply to meland, Nov 12, 2013

meland wrote:

No Russell, what I am saying is that with a relatively small increase in small sensor quality (and not nearly as much as you say I am implying) the majority of fairly-interested photographers, or should I say non-obsessed by IQ photographers, may be completely satisfied. They may not care as much as you do, or perhaps even I do, about beautifully smooth and detailed/crisp images. But the images they do get will be good enough and will satisfy them. And I am certainly not saying there will be, or even implying there might be, any massive increase in lens aperture or performance to achieve this. I know enough about optical design and materials having worked in this particular field for more years than I care to admit to know that is very unlikely if not impossible. And I don't think I ever mentioned low light performance in any case.

The really serious enthusiasts and a few professionals may not be satisfied, in fact they probably will not be. But that reduced number of people who really care about what you so eloquently describe may not be sufficient to support a camera market like we have today.

High end stuff, at a price, will still exist for the reduced numbers of people who really do care - but the price of entry is likely to be much much higher because of reduced demand. That is actually what I am saying. I hope I have been able to clarify things?

The mistake that is often made in this discussion is IMHO believing that this forum represents "normal" people with reguards to how they value photography. At the very top especially I think we can be prone to sitting in our FF ivory towers viewing everything below as the gear of the masses. In reality even an entry level DSLR and kit lens is likely going to be bought by someone with a strong interest in photography.

I'd argue that the "change in the landscape" has already happened with the introduction of mirrorless. Less so higher end mirrorless that's ultimately rather similar to a DSLR in use but more the cheaper/smaller options with fewer controls and no viewfinder. That's targeted the market who wanted the IQ but not the other features of a higher end camera and its already shrunk in size.

I'd argue this really shows your incorrect that basic compacts only need a small increase in quality to be "good enough" for most of the market that current buyers larger sensors. I do think we'll see more advanced compacts akin to the RX100, GR etc take back some market from mirrorless systems but lens size will always be an issue.

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