Df: Exposing Your Illness

Started Nov 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Df: Exposing Your Illness
Nov 8, 2013

The Df, which I personally expect to be a wonderful camera, has polarized these forums.

But from that polarization we can draw some interesting conclusions about how people react to a product like this.

The Sour Grapes Disease: Sadly, this observation is virtually irrefutable. According to a poll held here, more than 20% of shooters here are interested in the Df, but want it to be cheaper. That indicates that the product has real appeal, but is priced outside the reach of many. As any sales researcher will tell you, this commonly results in a backlash of "net haters" who bash a product they can't afford. They do it because they want it and it makes them feel bad that it's outside their reach, which in turn creates disdain for the product itself and even the company behind it. Sound familiar?

The Gear Hater Rash: Ahhhhh, I'm sometimes accused of this because I won't get on every bandwagon and have shown flaws in well loved products like the 70-200 VRII or 24-120 F4. But I always assign my criteria to my own shooting style and needs. But with the Df we're seeing an amazing situation, with shooters arbitrarily deciding what the new camera can and can't do for everyone. Beyond that we get others actually commenting on features they have yet to see! A good example is the manual focus. A well known and respected shooter has pointed out that the Df has the best viewfinder and it's great for MF, yet this is widely ignored. Or after learning this the "hater" moves on to another issue, yet they have not even TOUCHED the Df yet.

The Purest Phonyphobia: You know who you are! You don't own any manual lenses and if you DO, then you don't have any problems using them on current DSLRs anyway! Yet somehow the Df has let you down, even though the VF and LCD may be vastly superior. And then you have the audacity to question the dials you haven't tried? I can't wait for shooters to pick up a Df for 30 seconds, fumble & unlock a dial and instantly label it a fail without using it properly in the field. Some purist you are!

The D600 Complex: The D600 and D610 are solid DSLR entries, but they are not on par with a D800 or D4. We know that. The world knows that. My cable guy knows that. And the last thing the D600/610 owner wanted to see was yet another camera ranked higher. In fact quite a few have LAUGHABLY tried to suggest that the Df is somehow a lower tier product. Let's correct that right now: The only serious advantage of the D600/610 is the video. If you need that, then buy it. If you need the extra resolution, then skip over the Df and go right for the excellent D800. The Df is a DSLR that features the D4 sensor, a better finder and better build. Likely it's also a better handling body as well. Like it or not it's pretty much on par with a D800 in it's own way and ABOVE the D600/610, which are good cameras, but very cheap feeling/operating to many.

Now look: Some people need to grow up! (Maybe me too since this is my 1264th thread on the Df!). You haven't used the camera. You haven't held the camera. You haven't seen a comprehensive set of samples or prints from the camera. And neither have I. But I don't suffer from the illnesses above and thus I can see more of what the Df is likely to be.

Doctors hours: 12:00 to 3:30, Monday-Tuesday-Friday. Please call again.


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