DF is for ME not YOU

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Re: DF is for ME not YOU
In reply to PrebenR, Nov 8, 2013

PrebenR wrote:

Hulamike wrote:

The DF is TOTALLY about the look. This is not the latest technological advance from Nikon. Stop expecting every release to be some mythical linear progression forward. Nikon, like all manufacturers, releases models for specific demographics. This body is aimed at old farts like me and I'm thrilled! Please go away and stop bothering me with your constant whining! A new cellphone will be along shortly to cheer you up.

But when they release a retro camera designed to be used with old lenses by old folks (your words ), then why on earth didn't they put in a split screen for focussing manually on old lenses?

Yes, you are correct however, Df is not for ME

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Why? Primarily because the camera has to also use a modern metering system and AF. As far as I know, none of the after-market manual focus screens have been trouble free in digital cameras. Of course, they could go with an all-manual camera that provides center-weighted metering indication as in the FM2, and I think a few people would actually buy it, but not enough. Many older people who loved those cameras no longer have eye-sight good enough for split screen. The green led focus indication is just as accurate and can be seen more easily, so I believe we are probably getting a good compromise on this, particularly for those of us who are past those days of seeing like an eagle.

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