the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: Where would they exactly sit?

fakuryu wrote:

JackM wrote:

Canon 7D2 is right around the corner. As nice as the K3 is now, I doubt its AF or FPS will be able to keep up.

And then Nikon will follow with a D400.

In between the 6D (US$2100) and the 70D (US$1300)? The D610 (US$2400) and the D7200 (US$1450)? That is a pretty tight spot to fill for a supposedly niche camera without cannibalizing the sales of one or the other. The price won't be competitive enough for a US$1600 Pentax K3. And all of these are with kit lens.

There is no reason that high end APS-C cameras cannot sit on the same price point as entry-level FF cameras.  They would be cameras for different purposes and would not compete with each other directly.  Assuming the 7D2 gets pro-grade AF and 10-12fps, it could easily command $1999 or so.  Then your K3 will only be able to compete on price.

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