Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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Leandros S
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Try making sense next time
In reply to marike6, Nov 1, 2013

marike6 wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

PK24X36NOW wrote:

Nikon and Canon have "innovated" the best cameras (SLRs) to the highest state of performance, and have extensive systems of optics to go with them, along with professional service to back them all up. When those other camera makers can match that with their systems, then they'll have something to crow about. I wouldn't hold my breath.

In short, Nikon and Canon dominate because they have the best cameras and lens systems. Funny how that works.

Nikon has some of the longest lens repair return times as documented by's Roger Cicala.

Lol. Lens repair return times? Talk about pulling an obscure reference out of the hat.

The data, if you had bothered to look at it, is rather startling.

What about employee lunch breaks? If those are also long, I'd say you are absolutely right. lol.

Did you even stop to consider that Nikon repair service centers are busy because of high volume?

How is that an excuse?

Did you stop to consider that the PK24X36NOW is talking about Nikon Professional Service, and the Nikon system, one of two of the most complete professional SLR systems ever created?

You didn't actually make a point here that I can see.

Canon has sensor tech that is not competitive in terms of noise, dynamic range or colour depth. Difference in DR is now two stops, and widening.

You cite "professional service" and "best cameras" - I don't see that either is true.

Canon makes superb cameras and lenses, and Nikon has been on top of DxOMark sensor ratings for at least five years. So I'd say you've lost this one.

So Nikon wins one category (image quality), and Canon wins another (service response times), so both systems are great? Doesn't make sense, sorry! I can't magically convert my Nikon lenses to Canon when I need a quick repair any more than I can switch my Canon cameras to a Nikon (Sony/Toshiba) sensor when I need greater dynamic range.

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