Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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Re: Marketing to the sheep.
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The sheep see pros using top of the line canikon camera, so they think it must be better than everything else, even if they buy the bottom of the barrel canikon.

Maybe you might want to think a bit about why it is that those pros pick Canon or Nikon and not whatever equipment you are waving the flag for. Those pros aren't mindless sheep, their income depends on that gear and they could really choose anything that they want.

Picking something because you see all the pros using it might not be a bad strategy as long as you know why the pros use it and that reason works for you as well. I found that out a couple weeks ago when my 24-105 L crapped out -- Canon Irvine fixed it and got it back to me in less than a week.


It's the same mentality that is NASCAR racing, people see a particular car win, so they go to the dealer and buy it, even if the car they buy is only the same in name only.

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Well, I agree, and disagree. I think the dslr, especially pro dslr, have an advantage in focus speed. But is this really why pro sports photogs use them? Maybe. But also, does Canon/Nikon have a deal with NFL/Nascar/NBA? Can the pros really choose anything they want? I mean this is big business, and having a D4 and 70-200 f/2.8 seen in the end zone blazing away in slow motion on the big screen as your team is scoring a touchdown is a bigger advertizement for Nikon than 1000 commercials. I am pretty sure CaNikon wants to control what brands of cameras get seen in these situations. Now, having said that, I do believe that the D4/1Dmk4 bodies do offer a lot that other brands don't have. But I am still skeptical.

Those aren't really the "pros" I was thinking of but lets go there anyway... why doesn't Sony, Pentax, Oly have a big presence there? If you ever go behind the scenes at one of those events you will see one of the primary reasons -- the support (exactly what I was alluding to above). Your lens breaks, there is a support center there that will swap it out for another one.

Where can you rent that really cool Olympus lens that you would like to try, or one from Sony or some of the other “second tier” brands? Let’s say you want to rent a couple extra flashes for your Pentax setup (or that new mirrorless camera you just bought), where do you get those? This sort of service and backing is why pros select Canon and Nikon over the others …and I don't mean just the guys at the big sports events either. Look at wedding and event pros, look at the PJ crowd. There is much more to professional photography than the high visibility televised sports NFL/NBA and Nascar.

I think that you are right though, some of these guys are sponsored but I don’t think it is as many as you might think.

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I can get rental lenses and gear in just about any country I visit. CPS streamlines my shipping receiving with pre-setup waybills, loaner gear is readily available and I get a discount on all repairs with quick turnarounds. I never worry about not having the lens I need for the job as Canon has them all. I learned TS photography and how to use these lenses because of this. I progressed from on camera flash to Strobist to fully understanding varied on-location lighting because of Canon's remote flash systems. I learned how to shoot RF while dabbling with focus screens in my DSLR to split prisms many years ago and later enjoyed shooting both film and digital Leica bodies. The list goes on and on...

I actually became a better photographer over time with Canon (just as it would have been with Nikon). There is a ton of potential for users to grow into with inroads to get you comfortable with just about everything else out there. And when you want to upgrade, upgrading is easy and cost effective for most users. There is such a large second hand market, you can easily upgrade and learn/pay as you go. That 70-300, easily becomes a 70-200F4, 2.8IS II and eventually a 85L, 135L and 200L as you learn. While many may not decide to climb the ladder that high, that potential is always there. You don't have to worry that your mount is being written off in a few years!

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jayphotoworks photography

To me, this is what you are buying when you buy into the big guys systems.  If you don't care about that (or don't think it is important) so be it, but this level of support is what really sells this stuff.  And... it is not only from the manufacturer themselves either, there is just a lot more CaNikon stuff out there (as you point out).

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