Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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Re: Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.
In reply to Pontoneer, Nov 1, 2013

Pontoneer wrote:

PK24X36NOW wrote:

Nikon and Canon have "innovated" the best cameras (SLRs) to the highest state of performance, and have extensive systems of optics to go with them, along with professional service to back them all up. When those other camera makers can match that with their systems, then they'll have something to crow about. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Basalite wrote:

You are seeking recognition for "innovation" and "pushing boundaries" and yet you failed to mention Sigma. Sigma cameras and the Foveon sensors they use have done far more to improve image quality (admittedly only at low ISOs) than any other camera maker. One of the reasons why Canon and Nikon dominate is for the same reason you failed to mention Sigma. The other reason is that they traditionally had more complete systems than other camera makers, especially when it came to professional level equipment. On the professional side that is basically still the case.

I wouldn't say that Canikon dominate at all .

There are clearly higher level camera makers such as Hasselblad , Mamiya and Pentax who make digital medium format cameras which effortlessly outperform anything 35mm can offer , and the likes of Leaf or Phase One who make digital backs for other medium format film cameras .

Even in the 35mm arena , companies like Pentax have nothing to give away with optics the equal of or better than anybody else's , and probably more K Mount lenses produced ( something like 27 million at the last count ) than any other system ,

Well 27 million Pentax lenses is good but it doesn't really stack up to Canon's 90 million does it?

and with the 10 millionth SLR produced back in 1981 ( the first maker to reach that milestone ) they have made plenty of cameras too .

However , numbers alone are no indicator of merit - otherwise you would be saying Ford makes better cars than Mercedes or Porsche .

Traditional systems ? What about Rollei ? They've been making twin lens reflexes since the 1920s , and must have had one of the first systems with adaptors to take different film sizes , backs to take sheet film , close up or tele converters , different bodies with different focal lengths , flash systems , underwater housings .....

In the 1950's , THE system camera was made by Exacta , Pentax came to the fore in the 1960's with the Spotmatic range , culminating in the ESII , then the K mount culminating in the LX , which had an unrivalled system based around it . After the LX , Pentax discontinued the high end 35mm products , concentrating on medium format for professional users ; this is still current with the 645D .

If you want the Ford or Vauxhalls of the camera world , you can stick with the popular choice ; those of us who want something better will look elsewhere .

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