Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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Until a better mousetrap....
In reply to jidery, Nov 1, 2013

All major 'brand leaders' in other industries that were dethroned were due to the competition developing a better mousetrap.

If I were Canon and Nikon I would be observing what the competition is doing with interest, if not nervousness, but what does the data say?

First, when looking at value propositions and benefits, it is important they are prioritized correctly.

Hypothesis: Smaller is better

  • If so, mirrorless cameras would take the world by storm. They didn't. While they made a dent and there certainly is a user segment (and maybe growing user segment) that puts this as a top priority, the data clearly suggests it is not a top priority for most photographers. Those that truly prioritize smallness as the #1 photographic need have their camera phones.  If the smallness of a camera phone does not work, it means there is an even higher priority for non-camera phone photographers... leading to my next point...

So what is a top priority for most photographers?

Hypothesis: Getting the image you want, with desired IQ, focal length, AF speed, etc...

If you believe this hypothesis, there is no competitor better than Canikon with a different mouse trap... just a bunch of 'me-toos' playing catch-up. DxO just showed the 800E (96) still has better sensor performance than the a7r (95). I would hardly call that result a better mousetrap for Sony and one does not beat out or even catch up to market leaders by matching performance.

No one can argue a me-too competitor has a better lens selection than Canikon... once again, some are starting to deliver some me-too high quality lenses.

So while some brand will eventually nail it and deliver that better mousetrap based on what most consumers prioritize as most important, I don't see that it has happened yet, thus Canikon continue to dominate.

...Not rocket science.

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