Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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Re: I agree with OP, with caveats
In reply to phazelag, Nov 1, 2013

phazelag wrote:

Clearly Nikon and Canon have made good products, but they are not giving us lighter, faster, with more connectivity like Sony and others.  I appreciate the solid efforts Nikon and Canon have made but they will be selling to the old guard and uneducated who think you must have a DSLR with L glass to make nice photos for a long time to come.

I think as people realize there are innovative companies passing nikon and canon up with smaller, lighter, faster, and more connected cameras with equal image quality you will see a shift.  If Nikon or canon make something I like I will buy it.  I would consider the g16 or p7800 there most innovative cameras, but the Olympus Stylus 1 is a step above.  
I think Sony is the real innovator and will force Nikon and Canon to wake up.   Nikon and Sony are like apple repackaging a great product with a loyal consumer base, and Sony is closer to samsung with android phones.  Android is the dominate player now.

The old dogs will figure it out soon and they will and already do sound like film guys.   Did we mention Red Camera?  Thats innovation that canon is now copying!


Umm, the G1 came out 13 years ago.  Nikon's P cameras are a response to Canon's G... a copy of the G.  Hardly an innovation.  Sony's QX is innovative but poorly executed.  Fuji's Trans-X is  an innovation and well executed.  Good does not equal innovation.  Innovation is a risk that sometimes pays dividends.

I sell cameras.  This is how it works with the average consumer:

1.  "What is the best camera?" (quality wise)

At this point they may ask about a certain brand that someone told them is good.

2.  "Is it a dependable camera?"

3.  "How much does it cost?"

4.  "Is there something cheaper and just as good?"

Once they find out that the best and most reliable camera is outside their budget, we start looking at the cheaper, well established cameras.  If I start talking about "innovation" or anything technical, I might as well be talking to a fish.

Dependable and cheap is what drives the majority of camera sales.  It's only crazy bastards like us that buy the expensive toys.

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