Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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I shoot Sony, the only camera maker with SLT and one of the few with EVF. Then there is Pentax, one of the few SLR's with in body stabilization.

In-body stabilization is fine for mirrorless cameras. But it makes no sense in a DSLR, because IBIS in a DSLR only stabilizes the image sensor, leaving the autofocus and metering sensors to work with an unstabilized image; the longer the focal length the more twitchy and jittery and the harder for the sensors to get a good 'read' unless one is using a tripod and shooting landscapes perhaps. Canon and Nikon use optical IS in their DSLR's for a good reason - because it makes a lot of sense to stabilize not only the recorded image, but the viewfinder and what the sensors work with. If IBIS in a DSLR is 'innovation', well, you can have mine.

When I bought my first DSLR, at first I was unhappy after I realized I could have bought a different one with IBIS. That was until I realized that approach is not optimal on a DSLR.

As for SLT technology and EVF's vs OVF's, there are some (such as myself) who prefer the OVF. Again, those who want an EVF can buy a camera with one.

There is some truth, and some fiction in this. The truth part is that ILIS does work better for longer lenses, and certainly it is nice being able to see the stabilization working.

Having said that, for most of the time, there isn't really much to say between the two, but IBIS works with every lens you can mount on the camera, ILIS only works with the lens it is installed in.

That is true, but with a DSLR, IBIS only works on the image. It leaves the AF and metering to try and make sense out of a jittery, un stabilized view of the subject, and that is a decided disadvantage. IBIS does work with every lens; it just doesn't work with any AF or metering sensor in a DSLR at all.

So, no matter which lens you use on a DSLR with IBIS, the image will be stabilized; it also may be way out of focus but hey.


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