Canon and Nikon dominate the photo world, but I don't understand why.

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This is the best response in the entire thread! (nt)
In reply to ultimitsu, Oct 31, 2013

ultimitsu wrote:

jidery wrote:

I don't understand why Canon and Nikon dominate with their lack of innovation.

You are wrong if you think they lack innovation.

Innovation is not just what they launch over the last 12 month, it is what they have, collectively as a system, over their competitors. You should recognise that they both have huge amount of competitive edge over everyone else. That did not happen by magic, they were all innovations.

For example, every lens that they have and their competitors dont, is an innovation at some point of time which their competitors still has not caught up. Both Nikon and Canon have complete line up of 200/2, 300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4, 600/4. You think they are easy to design and to manufacture?

Or for example, both Canon and Nikon has, over time, developed very sophisticated flash system, no one else come close.

Or for example, both Canon and Nikon have world leading AF for shooting fast moving objects. Again, no-one else comes close, and both Canon and Nikon constantly update and improve their PDAF system. Where are Sony, Olympus, Pentax's PDAF at? At the least 2 generations behind.

So before you say the big two are not innovative, you should really think again.

What would be a correct observation is that the Big Two focus their innovative effort on their long term profitable product - their DSLR systems. While everyone else has, effectively, no long term profitable product so they spread out their innovation over a lot of things hoping that something will turn into a hit. Sony is the prime example, in 2006 they tried DSLR, 3 years later it called it quits with discontinuation of A850. it tried SLT, 3 years later, it didnt work out so they called it quits. it tried aps-c mirrorless - so far is is "sort of" working out but it is not class dominating. that is why it now focusing on FF mirrorless. It also tried 1inch compact(RX100) and FF compact (RX1), they did turn out to be a hit. so they relase more of them. And now they are trying 1inch superzoom (RX10) which may or may not work out. My bet is that it will fail at 1399 USD.

I am not necessarily critical of Sony's strategy - trying different things and stop pursuing products with no future is the right strategy. But dont mistaken that to being exceptional innovative. It is necessity and it is no more innovative than the Big Two.

Great response!

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