XM1 vs XA1 image comparison

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X-Trans sometimes gives a strange 'digital' look

Here's a 100% crop of something shot with an X-E1 and processed in Iridient Developer

X-E1 100% crop processed with Iridient Developer

Here is a 100% crop with the X-A1 of the same thing (same lens, Nikon Ais 50/1.2 @ 5.6) also processed with Iridient Developer

i think this 'artifact' was something pointed out by Lloyd Chambers in his X system coverage some time ago for which I believe he used ACR. However this also happens in other converters such as Iridient above.

This effect visible even in some of Fuji's own sample images which are SOOC JPEGs. For example have a look at the trunk of the tree in one of the sample images for the new 23/1.4 here.

Don't get me wrong - I love the Fuji X system especially the lenses and the sensor. However, I think it's pretty clear that the X-Trans CFA does lead to some odd artifacts which the conventional CFA equipped X-A1 is not effected by.

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