Why I will not use anything else but white Sanyo 2000 mah Eneloops for flash equipment...

Started Oct 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Why I will not use anything else but white Sanyo 2000 mah Eneloops for flash equipment...
Oct 28, 2013

In 2010, I bought 16 Powerex 2700mah regular NIMH batteries and 16 Sanyo Eneloops. About a year ago, the Powerex 2700mah went into the trash with most no longer accepting a charge. All of the Sanyo Eneloops are still in service.

The two things any photographer should think about when considering a flash battery are:

#1) Durability- During any professional shoot or even a non-professional shoot, it is important that nothing goes wrong with the equipment. The 4th generation Sanyo Eneloops are rated to 2100 recharges or about 4 times more durable then a standard NIMH battery. I believe the regular variety Eneloops will last for years even with heavy use.

#2) Flash recycle time- In many tests, which can be found on the internet, the White Sanyo 2000 MAH Eneloops are fastest to recharge the flash.

The thing a photographer SHOULD NOT think about is storage capacity- As a battery is used, the flash recycle time increases substantially. Therefore batteries should be switched out well before they reach zero. I would say its a good idea to switch out the batteries at some point before 200 pops. Of course, if you have a limited number of batteries this will not be possible. However, if you are a true professional then you will have a couple of cases of AA batteries on-hand at the event so this should not be an issue.

What about Powerex Imedion, AmazonBasics, GPrecycko and Eneloop XX? These are all good brands, but simply do not have the durability and flash recycle time of the White Sanyo Eneloops. I actually use a set of Eneloop XX for my compact digital camera which is used in my day job. In my day job I take multiple pictures with a small compact camera and have been recharging those every day for the last two years. Those Eneloops are still in service in my digital camera taking shots and recharged daily.

The GPRecycko and Amazonbasics I believe to be the same. You can get 16 of these for $25 which is a super deal. In comparison, the Eneloop XX is about $30 for 8 and the Imedion is $28 for 8. For 8 regular White Sanyo Eneloop it costs about $25. So the Amazonbasics/GPRecycko is an option because of its price advantage, but I wouldnt use it in critical flash equipment where durability and flash recycle time is the factors.

Here is an interesting thread about some testing of the various batteries.  Take note of the test flash recycle times.  After about 200 pops, the recycle time increases substantially:


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