Just Personal but I find FF arguments valueless

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Just Personal but I find FF arguments valueless

I find these arguments for or against FF of little value for me, personally. I know they are of great interest to many people, but equivalency arguments, comparisons of noise levels et al don't carry much weight in my photographic pursuits. Here are the main reasons:

I'm in pursuit of a personal style that is not necessarily dependent on maximizing resolution or minimizing noise levels. I do want to use a sensor that has better hi ISO performance than I currently have, but also seek a certain "color signature" and tonal curve. Beyond that, the size and handling of the camera are important, as well as simply how comfortable I feel using it.

Right now, the differences in noise or resolution between the best m4/3 sensors and current FF is not a "game changer" for me. However, what I do take into consideration is how a FF file will respond to PP (usually more flexible and forgiving, especially when cropping) as well as the tonal curve.

The latter is something it seems few on this forum bring up. In a recent post where someone had used both a Canon 5D and an Olympus E5 for the same subjects, what set the 5D apart for me was a smoother tonal curve in transitions from bright areas to shadow. Many may not even notice this, but as an old "film dinosaur" tonal curve was one reason for choosing, say, Ilford HP5 over Kodak Tri-X, or color negative film over color transparency.

Again, this relates to my personal goal for how I want my images to look, and how my workflow and PP achieves that. I want to start out with a file that already has certain qualities (whether RAW or .jpeg) and go from there with a specific stylistic goal in mind. This is one reason why I chose the E520 over Canon or Sony competitive models I tried out.

All this is not to say that those who debate FF vs m4/3 are wrong in doing so. It's to offer a different perspective on the debate and invite responses from those who may feel the same way, that sensor size alone, with a couple of "ringer" arguments attached in either favor, is not what everyone looks at when choosing a digital format.

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