Full frame?

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Full frame?
Oct 21, 2013

Don't make me laugh... 35mm or 24x36 is regarded as a miniature format. 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x9 and plate films are the full frame cameras.

In today's world of convenience, formats have been shrinking.

In the days of film, 35mm was the smallest acceptable format though most magazine publications demanded medium format. Now the situation is less clear.

Digital APS-C is definitely better than any 35mm film ever was. The march of technology has surpassed anything film could ever produce. I used to shoot Konica 3200 print film and Ilford HP5 B&W film. The quality produced by even a 3 megapixel digital is way in excess of what the films could produce.

At the same time that image quality has improved so too has lens quality. There are no more dogs of lenses out there. Tokina and Vivitar now no longer produce lenses that look like roughly-ground coke bottle bottoms.  Quality has rocketed - so too have prices.

Now manufacturers are trying to make ever smaller cameras ever better.

The complaint about the 4:3rds format was largely based on high ISO quality. That seems to have been resolved now. The same complaint is now made about the Pentax Q sized sensor.

ISO quality seems to lag behind with smaller sensors but it catches up slowly. ISO 1600 on my 8 megapixel XT isn't awful. It's on a par with ISO 800 on the Pentax Q. ISO 400 on my Canon S1 IS is on a par with the other two. Note that the S1 IS is the oldest with the smallest sensor.

Where we are today with ISO 800 on the Pentax Q will not be where we are next year.

For those of us that normally shoot 100ISO and don't pay any attention to higher ISOs, it's all a non-discussion.

Frame size has little to do with anything these days. The end result is what counts. That, of course, as always is dependent on how much money you're prepared to throw at things. You think silver halide film was the best we had? You missed out on platinum halide. That was a rare film but it did exist and was finer grain. No - it wasn't Kodak's T-grain technology that was based on silver iodide.

I am quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of images from the Pentax Q, the Nikon 1 etc. I think the full frame idea has to go the way of the dodo.

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