Baseless speculation and FUD about NEX successors

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Baseless speculation and FUD about NEX successors

In a number of threads here Sony's decision to stop using the word NEX is misinterpreted as the end of this line of camera design. Particular references are made to two videos as proof that there will be no more NEX-like cameras. Links to these videos are given as "proof".

In this a review by an independent journalist. He says at 1:20

"Speaking of which, a brief note on NEX. Sony has dropped the brand. You'll no longer see any new NEX cameras. You will see some APS-C mirrorless cameras but they won't be branded as NEX, they will just be Alpha cameras."

In this official video from Sony Electronics:

The Sony rep is saying at 3:10:

"Starting from now, we're gonna rebrand everything "Alpha". We're consolidating brands. So no longer what you see is the word NEX."

Nobody said there will be no more NEX-like cameras. The Sony rep is just saying "the word NEX". The journalist and the rep are using "brand" and "branding" as the name used to market a product. It does not mean the product itself (a particular shape or set of features).

The NEX shape is very popular in several large markets and there is no evidence that it will be dropped.

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