My New 1DX Has Black Spots.

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Re: My New 1DX Has Black Spots.
In reply to slarti bartfast, Oct 18, 2013

slarti bartfast wrote:

Two days ago i picked up a 1dx with an '8' as its 6th digit, it also has the 1.2.4 firmware already on board. After 2 days use it has over 20 black spots in the top right of the viewfinder. There is no letter "A" or any black mark on the silver bit. Before i used it i asked canon service about the lack of an "A" or black mark. They said if any problems developed they would fix it and i should not worry and just go ahead and enjoy the camera. I pushed for an answer as to -if the "fix" was already done at the assembly stage of my camera. I was told that at some stage they have to stop marking the cams with "a" and black marks because it just makes for more assembly procedures.

I tried to check the net to see at what point the 1.2.4 came out and if this was well after the "recall" then maybe mine with the 1.2.4 implemented at the assembly stage means mine is a recent body.

I walked to another camera store today and had a look at their display 1dx and it had a 7 (as it's 6th digit) and an 'A' in the batt area. So, the "a" is not just a North America thing which was another reason given by canon Australia as to why mine has no markings.

Can anyone help me clear up if mine is a recent body?. I do remember reading here that someone else hand an 8 that developed spots so, i'm not alone at least.

No you are ANYTHING but alone. I also thought that getting an 8 would work because Canon did not include them in the defective 1DX list. They still have not update the list:

As a matter of fact. I got the new Canon 1DX 8, it suffered all the defects with oil splash, pieces of black plastic or metal in the mirror box, no focus, no AF. BRICKED.

Then Canon repaired it by replacing the mirror box and BINGO! The next day all the defects back again and it was sent back to Canon.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 canon eos 1DX cameras are all, like ticking time-bombs. At some point they have to fail. You just never know when!!!! This thin piece of plastic rubbing at such high speed on metal has to give.

The lube cannot last as it's not encupsulated. Heat, cold, regular use, storage position all can shift the lube and you've got metal rubbing on plastic. BAM! Oil and metal plastic all in the mirror box and your AF system is TOAST.

As I've stated before in the most humble way. Based on my work with auto engine lifters, which run at much higher speeds and with much more pressure as metal on metal... "A thin micro coating of teflon" on the plastic piece could solve all this. The teflon can be applied 3 ways. Canon can opt to use any method they choose. It might bethe least expensive way for Canon to clean this up.

However. Every 1DX would have to have a new mirror box put in with the defective plastic covered in teflon. This holds true because even the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and 8's with black markings and white A's in the battery compartment are still failing.

ANY person taking this camera as their "one and only" into the field, is taking a chance. I know most of us have back-ups but there are critical situations where you can only have one or you're in deep kim-chee.

Most embeds need to travel light. You pick your glass and lens VERY well. even DINFOS with the D600's were not clear.

It seems both Nikon and Canon have a few "Black Specs" to clean up in their future! <ROFL>

I will be taking it back to the shop but don't know if I should expect a replacement or let them send it off to get fixed.


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