Heavy Photoshop User - i7 iMac enough?

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Re: Heavy Photoshop User - i7 iMac enough?
In reply to proseak, Oct 17, 2013

proseak wrote:

Where is your scratch disc? How much space is available to it?

My scratch disk is currently set as my boot drive and it has approx 100gb available to it (if I'm reading the settings right). This is why I was thinking of getting an external SSD for a scratch disc if I ended up with a new machine. But if Basalite is correct I already have a machine fit for they type of edits I'm doing so I need to try and work out what's causing the problems.

When everything was running slow Photoshop had used all of the RAM available to it and was using the scratch disc (also my boot drive) to do its processing so I'm guessing that's why everything was crawling..?

With Photoshop set to use only 8gb of memory, once it runs out and starts using the scratch disc, even though I have all this inactive RAM sitting there available for the rest of the OS I can't actually do anything in terms of multi tasking once that scratch disc starts being used. Once the processing task is finished (sometimes 10-15 minutes) I can use safari and other apps again but things are always still a bit laggy for some time after the processing is finished.

No other processes show anything abnormal in terms of CPU / Memory. Safari Web content uses a lot of memory but from what I've read, that's fairly normal.

So an external scratch disc is an option, but on the mid 2010 imac that would have to be connected via USB2.0 which would be very slow. So I'm not really sure what I can do with my current system to make things any better for the type of work that I'm doing

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