need suggestions on outdoors tripods for 7D + 100-400

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Nixar New Member • Posts: 4
need suggestions on outdoors tripods for 7D + 100-400

hi guys,

i am looking to buy a tripod and i could really use some help.

i am around 1.8 meters tall.

my heaviest setup is my 7D + canon 100-400 L lens. i mainly shoot wildlife including birds, with the occasional landscape or night shot.

im looking for a tripod that is lightweight and compact. so that i can take it along for hikes through rough terrain. my hikes can vary from 1 to 8 days at times. so it is essential that the tripod will be light and fit in my bag. (im thinking 1kg would be ideal but i could live with 1.5 kg as well)

also i live near the beach so it is very humid so it needs to be able to resist the elements.

if it is possible i would like to stay at the 400$ range, but i realize that asking for a light compact and stable tripod is asking alot and so i am relativly flexable with my budget.

im quite confused as to how much support i need since the setup is kind of mid weight but with a long focal length. for example i was looking at some of the gitzo tripods and they recommend at least a series 3 for 400 mm but since this is a much lighter lens, would i be able to get away with a series 2? series 1? any other recommendations?

i could also use some recommendations on heads. (from what i understand a ball head type)


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