V1 LCD/EVF malfunction

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Re: V1 LCD/EVF malfunction
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A couple of extra points:

a. to Nikon: the EVF is hyper-sensitive to the slightest reduction in light. just a a couple of specs of dust turn off the LCD. In my case I use an ear-bud with a drop of lens cleaning fluid - and make sure I use the dry end to dry the sensor. Magic! the LCD works again! But not for long. Next time I pick up the camera, same problem. Shouldn't the switch off LCD action respond to a significant drop in light intensity (say 50%) ? - Any chance of a firmware update to fix this?

Or, use a proximity sensor (ultrasound?). Otherwise a Menu selection Option, to back up - just in case the light sensor mis-functions.

b. to spikemd: re. "I am going to be using the LCD exclusively for awhile to see I can live without it."

Good luck with that! Possibly you don't go take photographs in bright light conditions. I live in the mountains, and it's already snowed. On a sunny day, the LCD is useless. Fact is, the EVF was the main reason I chose this camera - the EVF and its small size (compared to my Nikon D200).

So in my case, with the LCD getting switched off, I am tending to use the camera the old-fashioned way, squinting through the eyepiece (but the LCD would have other advantages for camera positioning at arms length or over-the -head etc. ).

BTW I also use a Hoya UV Filter permanently attached to cut out haze, bring up contrast the mountain-tops/clouds vs. blue sky.

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