What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?

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Re: What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?
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While the republicans have been trying to poo-poo the possible effects of a US default, it is interesting and frightening what could happen-


In the meantime, business leaders are warning what could happen if the US defaults-


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In the event the US defaults, which I hope will not happen, the value of the US dollar will tumble dramatically.
Treasury bonds will be snubbed by foreign financial institutions, unless the interest rate is raised and doubled, tripled or better.
Imports will become difficult because sellers will demand money, not monopoly money like the US dollar would become.
The US might have to deplete its stock of Gold to pay for its debts and that is a perillous thing for the future of the US at all levels.
Can you imagine a halt to international flights for US airlines, out of fear their planes will be seized to pay for outstanding kerosene bills ?
Can you imagine Obama getting stuck in a foreign country because someone has the brilliant idea to seize his Air Force One flying machine or limousine to recover some debt ? Aircraft does not have diplomatic status, neither does a presidential limousine.
"Charge it my account" could become an almost suicidal phrase to pronounce for any American travelling abroad, with the prospect of being detained until the bill is paid in local banknotes.
I believe a serious earthquake, with California sliding into the ocean, would be the nicer option.

If we go down, we're taking the rest of the world with us. Hahahahahahahaha

Is that the American way? You and Nightwings are showing your true colors.
If that's what your government thinks, it is going to remove all doubts again.
If the Chinese government is equally irresponsible, they would have dumped all their US bonds long ago.

Seriously, the Tea Partiers aren't business savvy, so they don't look at the big picture. So, much for the Republicans being the party that businesses support. Just about every business and financial person has come out against a default.

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Hey numbnutz, first of all, Nitedings is not an American, he's a Canadian, from Winnipeg.

Of course I knew that Nightwings is Canadian. I never said he's American. I only said you and him showed your true colors. Now it is quite obvious who's the numbnutz.

You're still the numbnutz, chump. Why you even brought up Nitedings, is beyond me, as he didn't comment on this thread.

You can take those titles.  Your have some really poor reasoning.  He does not have to be an American and does not have to say anything on this thread to be seen as having the same mindset as you.  


Second, Didn't you see that second paragraph, where I said "Seriously..." This indicates that the previous statement is meant to be a joke.

Only you know if you were serious. I only know that you share the same evil laughs of the Princess.

You're a frequent poster on this forum, so you should know that I'm not like the Princess or Nitedings. My views are 180 degrees the opposite of their views.

When did I say you are everything like Princess and Nightwings?  I am only saying that you share the same thoughts as Nightwings regarding this particular issue of US default and you share the same laughter as Princess.

Maybe, if you'd stop sticking that bamboo up your butt, you would have realized that.

Why don't you go back to Chinese, since you're such a stooge for them.

Go back to Chinese??? I am already a Chinese.

Maybe, I meant that you should write in Chinese.

Really?  How many can read if I write in Chinese on this forum?  Maybe you should learn some Chinese?  Henry knows more than you do.   

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