What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?

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Re: What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?
In reply to vadimraskin, Oct 12, 2013

vadimraskin wrote:

Todd Ka wrote:

Stupid, fear mongering conjecture spread around by libtarded sycophants.

There is zero chance of default.

Funny how this is coming from people who are so profcient in the art of fermongering when it comes to Obamacare and it's percieved effects on the country. You guys "wrote the book" on it

With insurance rate sky rocketing for some people, others being kicked off of their spouses policies and so on, it looks like we were right and not fear mongering at all.

On the other hand it is a 100% fact that we will not default, and there is zero danger of defaulting, making Obama a lying fear mongerer and everybody who repeats this default garbage sycophantic morons.

You lefties and your lame stream media are showing your intellectual and moral bankruptcy.  America is taking notice.

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