What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?

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Re: What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?
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Re: What's the worst that could happen if the US defaults?

hmmm, let's see...

1.4 billion angry, screaming Chinksat your doorstep demanding their money back pronto!


We will point them northward so they can attack the racists.

Chink is NOT racist...it's like the term Yid, Kraut, or Wop, etc...

It's merely a "nickname" that refers to a specific ethnic group....not race.

There is ONLY "one" race on this planet.

The HUMAN race.


Ask a Chinese immigrant how they feel about the term.

Everyone in the USA seems to be offended by ethnic based humour.

This is not the case in the UK where I grew up

Benny Hill - Mr Chow Mein

Mimicking, and poking fun at ethnic stereotypes is probably the best British humour.

Here's another example:

The Two Ronnies - Insurance against becoming Jewish

Lighten up - will ya


Kev, here's a question for you. Would you use any of those terms in when you're not behind a computer screen? Would you call a Chinese person a 'chink'? Or an Italian, a 'wop'? Or a black male, a nig...?

Well that really is not the point, as Kev has pointed out this is stock standard British, Aussie, New Zealand humour, we have no sacred cows, nothing is sacrosanct. Politeness means that we may or may not use these terms face to face, but either way it is not about race per se. Incidently we have a collection of nigger boy money boxes on display that does not mean we hate black people, they are just examples of Americana we have collected over the years.

So, you're a closet racist.

No, but the issue isn't me it's you. The biggest problem with your country is you have NO sense of humour. None at all, the best countries to live in a those that have the ability to laugh at themselves, it is very cathartic, you should try it sometimes, your far too serious. Your like someone walking around with a carrot up your @rse. Lighten up, life is fun!

That's the one thing I have always loved about British humour.

We ridicule ourselves (and everyone else) with the same vigour .

Yes, we take the pizz out of everything that moves (and then some)....but are the first to really knock ourselves too.

Actually, when I look back say 25-30 years, it was hard to find a Brit that wasn't extremely criticizing and derogatory of the Sceptic Isles....and that's why so many of us expats got up and left the rotten place.

The old Monty Python, Benny Hill, Spike Mulligan type comedy just reflected our own distain for Britain in many ways.

Plus of course, everyone else to a Brit is just an effing foreigner

The TV comedy series "Little Britain" aptly sums up UK humour to a tee....making fun of gays, blacks, fat people, the mentally ill, and all the rest of it. Of course, it's just "tongue in cheek"....and that's what makes it so damn funny.

It's never meant to be serious.


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"No problem can be solved at the level of consciousness which created it" - Albert Einstein

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